INSTALACIONES Y RECURSOS FERROVIARIOS, S.L., from now on, IRECFER, was established in May 2016 in Málaga (Spain).

We develop railway electrification projects (Overhead contact system) of any type, we also take care of the design and construction of traction substations, including energy distribution systems, and railway signalling and communication systems, as well as electrical installations and civil works.

We have professionals with wide experience in the railway sector.

We offer our clients a quality service that ensures the satisfaction of their needs.

We have a strong commitment to any change in the Environment motivated by the activities and services we perform. Our human, technical and economic resources are destined to each objective and environmental goals to be fulfilled.


(include QMS – OHS – WMS)


At Irecfer we believe in energy as a means of transforming the world. We offer products and services with excellence and quality, fulfilling the needs and expectations of all our clients, through the implementation and continuous improvement of management systems.

We develop our processes while maintaining compliance with national and international standards and regulations, taking advantage of the rational use of energy resources through the preservation and reduction of pollution. We maintain a highly qualified staff as the most valuable capital of the company.


We strengthen health and safety at work through risk management, the establishment of safe and healthy work environments and a culture of self-care as a fundamental pillar of the protection and promotion of the health of all our stakeholders.

We maintain organic growth that guarantees the profitability, sustainability and positioning of the company.

It is for all this that «IRECFER offers solutions for railway installations worldwide»



At Irecfer we offer comprehensive solutions for railway development worldwide, through our services for railway electrification, traction substations, railway signalling and communications, electrical grid and railway civil works.

We maintain our expertise fulfilling our clients with products and services of excellent quality, with a stable and highly qualified staff, who develop their processes and activities under a rational use of energy resources, segregating, reducing and managing the waste generated in our daily activities; in the same way, committing our suppliers and contractors to protect the environment.



In 2025 Irecfer will be a solid company worldwide, responsible, positioned, with organic and sustainable growth.

It will keep its current products and services ensuring compliance with the requirements from the legal and regulatory framework within an integrated certified management system that guarantees the satisfaction of our clients and strengthens relationships and experiences in the long term.

Irecfer develops efficient processes and manages its knowledge within a culture of continuous improvement of its integrated management system.

We strengthen safety and health at work by managing risks, establishing safe and healthy work environments with a culture of self-care for all our stakeholders.

We promote social responsibility based on ethical and legal processes, which ensure an environmental and economic commitment for the social development of the company in the communities where we provide our services.


In the process of creation and development of IRECFER, the lines, policies and ideas of the management and of the partners regarding Corporate Social Responsibility have been taken into account. We are closely linked and involved with the places where we carry out our activities and especially with Andalusian and Catalan community where we carry out a large part of our services.

People are the most important element in our social commitment. Responsibility in the development of the functions carried out by our professionals become an intangible value for our clients. With internal communication and the necessary reconciliation of work and family life, we try to improve the well-being of our staff as much as possible.

We have always sought the continuity of the company, even in recent years of great socio-economic difficulties, achieving only growth of the company if a consolidation of our position in our market.

Over time, we have implemented our Prevention, Quality and Environment systems and we will go within our possibilities increasing and integrating these as a strategic advantage for the conquest and consolidation of new customers and markets.

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